Earl Funk’s Mayoral Platform

Focus on our community

  • 100% of Earl’s focus will be on our community
  • Earl will not be an absentee Mayor
  • Earl’s office will be open regularly
  • Above board decision making
  • Openness and transparency
  • No more backroom deals

Keep Steinbach affordable

  • Avoid tax increases for discretionary spending
  • Protect the integrity of the grants process
  • Will not take unnecessary risks with taxpayers’ money
  • Continue to support responsible growth
  • Ongoing infrastructure renewal—take care of our infrastructure so it lasts longer and saves the city money over time.

Responsible recreation renewal

  • Renew our aging recreation facilities
  • Ensure that any new facilities are affordable
  • Seek out partnerships (federal, provincial, private, surrounding municipalities)
  • Maintain communication with other levels of government
  • Explore alternative revenue streams to help cover capital and operating costs for new recreation facilities

Build on Steinbach’s heritage of faith

  • Bring back an annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Recognize the important role of churches in our community
  • Uphold Steinbach’s traditional values